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Microsoft urges regulation of facial-recognition technology

Storyline: Advances in artificial technology enable new technologies like facial-recognition Microsoft says regulatory focus should include racial and gender bias, privacy and mass government surveillance Many believe new laws should get permission, when facial-recognition is being used Microsoft is urging governments around the globe to regulate facial-recognition technology in 2019 with independent assessment of accuracy… Read More

Salesforce closes gender pay gap

Storyline: Initial CEO skepticism on pay inequality Post audits, $8.7 million paid to close gender pay gaps Call to action for other companies to address equal pay In 2014, Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, held his quarterly meeting with his top executives at Salesforce and realized there were hardly any women in the room. He vowed… Read More

GM – reinventing itself (again)

Storyline: General Motors (GM) announced the end of production of six sedans by the end of 2019. The GM announcement is part of a broader shift among the Big Three to curb domestic production of smaller, lower-profit vehicles and focus more on higher-profit, roomier sport-utility vehicles and trucks. The company previously said that it would launch 20 new… Read More

Amazon announces two HQ2 locations

Storyline: Amazon has announced it will split its second headquarters, HQ2, between the Long Island City section of Queens, New York, and the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia. The company plans to evenly split the operations with as many as 25,000 employees in each location.The company began the search across North America in September 2017,… Read More

Luckey left Facebook because of his right political leanings?

Storyline: Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Luckey was fired from Facebook. On March 25, 2014, Facebook purchased Oculus VR for approximately $2 billion. Six months after contributing $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group, Luckey was let go. He is now claiming it was because of his support for Donald Trump in the presidential election. Facebook Chief… Read More

After walkout, Google employees continue demands for core changes

Storyline: More than 20,000 Google employees walked out of 40 offices around the world last week after a NYTimes article detailed the company’s actions shielding executives accused of sexual misconduct. The organizers demanded concrete changes such as a new system for reporting abuse and an employee representative on the company’s board. Google employees are using… Read More

Businesses supporting tax to deal with climate change

Storyline: Seattle is experiencing the effects of climate change first hand. It’s a contributing factor in the increasing number of forest fires that blanket the city in smoke. It has damaged oyster farms in nearby Puget Sound by altering the acidity of the Pacific Ocean. And the declining snowpack and earlier snowmelt in the mountains are… Read More

Apple preaches data privacy

Storyline: Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook recently called for U.S. data protection regulation saying individual’s personal information has been “weaponized.”  Mr. Cook proposes that U.S. data protection laws be modeled on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was enacted in May to both improve user rights and bolster the 28-member bloc’s power as a… Read More