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Innocent income or criminal intent?


Did you know that kids can be fined for setting up a lemonade stand without proper license? State governments are shutting down stands and charging kids caught selling their summer-thirst-quencher up to $300 in violation fees. States include Colorado, Texas, and Maryland,
along with East London in the UK.

Luckily, these kids have a hero: Country Time, known for their chilling lemonade mixes.

“This summer, things are going to be different,” Country Time said in their promotional #SaveLemonadeStands video.

As a branch company of Kraft Heinz, the business decided to stand beside young entrepreneurs (under the age of 14) wishing to peddle for quarters using the brand’s lemonade. The initiative is called Legal-Ade, a word play on the selling product. The team will pay fines for the kids until they have reached their cap of $60,000. Additionally, Country Time will donate $1 (up to $500,000) to their initial cap for every retweet of their #SaveLemonadeStands video.

“Tastes like justice,” said one of the legal representatives after drinking a cup of lemonade in the video.


  • Country Time is challenging a social issue that the general public was unaware of.
  • Kid’s lemonade stands are being shut down usually only if someone calls the police and complains about it.
  • There’s another side to the story. Some lemonade stands have been reported by other drink stands because they are to close in proximity. Selling $1 homemade lemonade next to a cart filled with $5 lemonade can be harmful to that business.

Activators Quests and Actions (Q&A):

  • Is this a good marketing campaign or a real issue? Is protecting budding entrepreneurs a
    worthy cause?
  • What ways could the Legal-Ade initiative impact policy supported by city and state government? Should local governments fine a kid’s lemonade stand?
  • Should Country Time be taking into consideration the small businesses trying to make
    a living by selling more expensive lemonade?


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Photo by Country Time on Twitter.