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Domino’s makes a move to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure


Potholes are an annoyance to everyone – especially Domino’s Pizza delivery crew. Domino’s wanted to provide better services for their customers, and it turns out the solution is fixing America’s bumpy roads.

With their “Paving for Pizza” initiative Domino’s is bringing awareness to America’s road issue through the interactive graphic on their website and their action in paying for potholes to be filled. The graphic shows what happens to a pizza on delivery dependent on the ratings of potholes, giving viewers an idea of how rough roads can actually be. Results can vary from toppings sliding around to catastrophic and completely flip a pizza.

Many claim that Domino’s has simply created a brilliant marketing plan, especially since they brand their filled potholes with spray chalk. Yet Domino’s is also impacting society and daily life for the better. Already, Domino’s has repaired 203 potholes from four different cities with the promise to repair 20 nominated towns, each receiving the same amount of funding. Since flying cars aren’t a thing yet, somebody has to do something about the roads.


  • The pothole campaign was created by the CP+B ad agency, which focuses on drawing in media interest.
  • Even with Domino’s efforts, they will be unable to make a big difference in the road maintenance required.
  • Driving on pothole damaged roads costs drivers about $107 billion each year, or about $482 per driver on repair costs.

Quests and Actions (Q&A):

  • If a business delivers a marketing campaign that delivers a public good, does that make the campaign more effective?
  • Should Domino’s be providing a public service that is the government’s job?
  • What can your company do to enhance customer’s daily lives? If your company was going to make a positive difference in your community, what type of program or activity would it be?


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Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash