Philosophy - Activate World


Our philosophy in how we work with each other and how we work with our community is straightforward:

  1. Goodness:  Treat everyone with respect
  2. Betterment:  Read, change, learn
  3. Honesty:  Own up to my actions and words
  4. Optimism:  Always try to make it work
  5. Effort:  Do the work

Each element of our philosophy includes behaviors we wish to demonstrate. Activate World embraces the idea that a philosophy drives certain behaviors and, through exhibited behaviors, our philosophy is evident. Our hope is that each experience will demonstrate our philosophy in action.


Activate World is a think tank for business leader activism. We bring substance, depth of thought, and a non-ideological perspective to teach business activism to leaders. We provide well-researched analysis of today’s issues and insights for effectively integrating activism into your organization’s culture according to your mission and values.


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