Kent Nutt, Author at Activate World

AI is getting emotional

Storyline: Computers are good at straightforward tasks like crunching numbers and retrieving search results. However, deciphering the complexities of human emotions is still a work in progress. Google and others are developing tools in the field of affective artificial intelligence (AI) that analyze and respond to human emotions and facial expressions real time.  Rana el… Read More

Microsoft’s leadership in affordable housing

Storyline Microsoft is putting up $500 million to address the escalating affordable housing crisis in the Seattle area. The company argues that the industry has an interest and responsibility to help people left behind in communities transformed by the tech boom. The Seattle area’s median home price is now over $720,000 and emblematic of the affordable… Read More

Tech workers fight forced arbitration

Storyline: A group called Googlers for Ending Forced Arbitration has launched a public awareness campaign about mandatory arbitration agreements, saying employers use them to suppress workers facing harassment and discrimination. According to a blog post the group wrote on Medium, “Ending forced arbitration is the gateway change needed to transparently address inequity in the workplace.” New to… Read More

CES 2019: gender equity and data privacy

Storyline: CES 2019, the annual consumer-electronics show in Las Vegas, is drawing media attention for two unrelated topics: greater gender equity for keynote speakers and Apple’s message on data privacy. The tech event billed as the “Global Stage for Innovation” has expanded to include all major and emerging industries with attendance topping 182,000 for the past… Read More

Cisco acts to end extreme poverty

Storyline During the holiday season, Cisco has continued its efforts to improve the world by ending extreme poverty as a sponsor of the Global Citizen Festival that was held in early December in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cisco Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins announced in front of 70,000 concert attendees the company’s commitment to ending extreme poverty by preparing 10… Read More delivers Magna Carta for responsible data practices

Storyline: has announced a data-focused Magna Carta for corporations around the world to use as a guide for responsible data practices and digital ethics. The company wants to change the way we share data by giving people legal ownership with contractual enforcement handled using blockchain technology. The first area of focus is medical data with the… Read More

Microsoft urges regulation of facial-recognition technology

Storyline: Advances in artificial technology enable new technologies like facial-recognition Microsoft says regulatory focus should include racial and gender bias, privacy and mass government surveillance Many believe new laws should get permission, when facial-recognition is being used Microsoft is urging governments around the globe to regulate facial-recognition technology in 2019 with independent assessment of accuracy… Read More

Salesforce closes gender pay gap

Storyline: Initial CEO skepticism on pay inequality Post audits, $8.7 million paid to close gender pay gaps Call to action for other companies to address equal pay In 2014, Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, held his quarterly meeting with his top executives at Salesforce and realized there were hardly any women in the room. He vowed… Read More